Whoopi Goldberg’s Stance on the Existence of Present-day Racial Profiling

Apparently, there are some people that think that racial profiling and discrimination died with the end of slavery. They do not think that racism has taken on a whole new angle and even insinuate that some incidents are just typical of “the good old Americans doing their thing”!

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

Certainly, this is a topic that can draw a lot of debate; with many people for or against it. And you would be shocked by some of the names against it. Whoopi Goldberg’s stance on this will totally shock you.

On a past edition of “The View”, Whoopi was on the side of those who think racial profiling is all a thing of the past. Apparently, the panel had brought up a discussion that focused on the profiling that the first family still endured at times; this aside from the fact that President Obama made history as the first African American to ever be voted into the White House.

Apparently, President Obama had been mistaken for a valet and in another instance, he had been taken for a waiter. However, to many people such as Whoopi, this is just “good old American behaviour”. Michele, the First Lady has not been spared of this profiling either. Apparently, at one point, she was asked to assist a customer at Target. The fact that this profiling touched on the first family begs the simple question of just how many other ordinary Americans have to go through such instances in their day to day lives.

Speaking about the Obama experience, Whoopi claimed that the incident merely smoked of ignorance and actually had nothing to do with racism. She even went ahead to argue that the fact that an African American is being followed around at a store does not compound racial profiling.

A guest at the show, Laverne Cox, was a lot more sensible than the celebrated Whoopi. She claimed that while ignorance could not be ruled out as being a factor in the whole racism question, she pointed out that biases still held true in the American society.

According to Whoopi, real racism is much more brutal than the experiences that the President and his wife have suffered. Whoopi thinks that someone running up to you and screaming a racial slur is racism, but does not think being followed around a mall is anything near! And she tries to make everyone believe this by claiming that she should know the racism trends in the country as a person who has lived as an African American for 60 years.

Quite an unlikely stance by Whoopi who has certainly encountered racism in the course of her 60 years!

While America has certainly made great strides when it comes to racial tolerance, the truth is that profiling still exists and affects many people each day. For African Americans to believe that racism does not exist because lynching has been illegal for a long time is to be delusional.