Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth

Whoopi Goldberg owes her net worth to a lot of things – from comedy, acting and writing to talk show hosting, political activism and singing/song writing. She was christened Caryn Elaine Johnson and was born in November of 1955 in New York.

Whoopi Goldberg net worth

Whoopi Goldberg’s annual salary is estimated to be in the range of $5 million each year. Her net worth is an impressive $45 million. She made her debut on-screen appearance in Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away in 1981. She would go on to make other appearances. However, the next big thing was when she Played Celie in The Colour Purple. This is credited as the role that catapulted her massively into the limelight.

She has played several other roles ever since; even winning an Oscar as a result! This was in 1990 when she played the part of psychic in the film Ghost. She would bag an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. With this, she made history as being just the second black woman to win an Academy award courtesy of acting.

The next noteworthy thing she did after this win was to co-produce Hollywood Squares between 1998 and 2004. Consequently, she also worked on The View.

As indication that her works and talent in the industry has been recognized on different occasions, Whoopi Gldberg is on record for having received a total of 13 Emmy Award nominations.

Whoopi Goldberg winning Oscars

Whoopi Goldberg winning Oscars

Another record that she has set is that of being amongst the few celebrities who have an Emmy, Oscar, Tony and Grammy Awards; EGOT.

At one point during the 1990’s, she was rumoured to be amongst the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Of course, based on the roles that she has played and her political activism, Whoopi has stirred controversy on many occasions. At one point in 2014, she made a controversial statement that in effect downplayed the fact that Barrack and Michelle Obama still get racially picked on. To her, “racial” incidents are not usually in bad faith but merely the result of good old American goofing.

Her private life has received its fair share of controversy as well. For starters, Goldberg has been married a total of three times and has one daughter named Alexandrea Martin. Martin is an actress just like her mother. She has also been rumoured during different moments of her life to be in love affairs with Ted Danson as well as Frank Langella. In addition, she is on record as having admitted to have been a drug addict once and is also a known sufferer of dyslexia.

In spite of all these controversies, Whoopi has held her head up high and continued to pursue the things that make her life worth living; these are besides her daughter, of course.

To be a black woman who grew up during her times and have a significant net worth like she does is no mean feat. This goes on to show that regardless of the colour of her skin and the conditions she finds herself in, a woman can be just about anything she sets her mind to be.