11 Wearable Curly Hairstyles for Men

‘What is the best way to cut curly hair?’ This is a question asked by most people who have curls in their hair. We find clear gender differences when it comes to the liking of hair type. Men hate curls in their hair and women with no curls die for it. They crave for shiny and defined curls on their man’s head also. Curly hairstyles for men can be short, medium length and even long. It depends on your personal choices and preferences.

1) Classic Haircut for Curls

This male model from Dolce &Gabbana’s 2013 catwalk features the classic haircut adapted for curly hair. The stylists kept it short on the back and both sides whereas allow some height at the top.Classic hairstyles for men with curly hair are always undercut on both sides.

2) Let Your Curls Roll On

This rather luxurious look is achieved by leaving hair just long enough to allow them to loose without running wild so the end result is a tidy look.

3) Angled Bangs

Joe Jonas wears angled bangs with an undercut at both sides. Pull across your hair with a forwarded style and you also need a strong holding hair spray to keep the look stay for the whole day.

4) Bulky Curls

If you have thick hair with tight curls in it, then this type of hairstyle is an option for you. You can utilize curls to define your personality by making them your style statement.

5) Shag

Someone with less curls and more waves, shag is the best choice for you. You can also add highlights or low lights for a more dramatic look.

6) Center Parting

Center part your curls to play with your curls. It will divide your curls into two equal sections and you’ll look even cuter.

7) Dashing Curls

Do you want to keep it simple? Ok just let your hair grow until they form curls and then apply a smoothing cream and back comb your hair and you’re done.Long curly hairstyles for men look gorgeous as is noticeable in the picture.

8) Beach Curls

This hip and trendy curly hairstyle for men comes from an off the beach look. You can create it at home by applying a thin mousse and then scrunching your hair with fingers.

9) Glossy Curls

Don’t worry if you’ve hair fall, put some gloss into your hair for an extra shine that helps define you curls so people will don’t notice the glimpse of your scalp due to thinning of hair.

10) Longer on Top

Longer hair on top with a side part looks tidy and helps achieve a balanced look for someone with thick curly hair. Men’s short hairstyles for men with curly hair are mostly short on the sides and long at the crown.

11) Clip it Short

Nicely clipped hair are picture-perfect curly hairstyles for black men. If you have tight curls, then clip them short and your hair will curl even when this short as shown in the picture.

There are several ways for men to wear curly hair and this list of curly hairstyles for men includes both short and medium length curly hair styled in the most practical and wearable manner.