9 Short Sassy Haircuts that Instantly Change Your Looks

I love short hair not because I can easily maintain my hair but because they look so mod and you can create hundreds of styles without much effort. Short sassy haircuts are fun and I enjoy layers, shaggy, feathers, bob, asymmetrical, pixies, chopped, and even stacked. In fact, with my hair short, I have endless options to try. Below, I have put down a few of my all time favorites for your inspiration.

1) Pixie Crop
short sassy haircuts

Ann Hathaway sacrificed her hair for her movie Les Miserables. She has embraced a blond pixie haircut. If you are ready to give your hair a new color, then going for this short and stylish pixie crop is definitely worth trying.

2) Faux Bob
short sassy haircuts 1

Emma Watson has changed her frizzy curly hair to a more polished and sleek look. Now she wears faux bob with a deep side part. You need to apply anti frizz serum before combing your hair. And then you’ll be able to easily achieve this understated but flattering look. Faux bob is known as one of the best hairstyles for fine thin hair.

3) Blunt Bob
short sassy haircuts 2

Rita Ora’s blunt bob gorgeously frames her look. The best thing about this haircut is that you can tweak it to go with any facial shape. It grows rather quickly so you’ll have to manage it accordingly.

4) Closed Crop
short sassy haircuts 3

Rihanna keeps on changing both her hair styles and hair colors. And no doubt, she has the personality to suit well with every haircut and color. She wears pixie haircut that is closely cropped at the back. She has set soft bangs on sides and top of the head. This is one of the most famous short sassy hairstyles.

5) Angular Bob
short sassy haircuts 4

Katty Perry also likes to experiment with her haircuts and gives them unique colors. She looks amazing in this bright blue bold bob hairstyle. This haircut looks awesome for round face shapes.

6) Voluminous Tousled Bob
short sassy haircuts 5

This hairstyle is good for curly and thick hair because if you have curly hair then it will be easier for you to get a short tousled and bouncy hairstyle. Use a curling iron to get more volume when you plan to go out for a party.

7) Angular Asymmetrical Bob
short sassy haircuts 6

Angular asymmetrical bob looks good with side swept fringe. This haircut is actually shorter at the back and longer at the front. It looks the best at round faces and long faces look longer with angular bob because this hairstyle gives lengthwise framing to your face.

8) Messy Textured Bob
short sassy haircuts 7

Messy bob hairstyle is actually a form of long bob stylized differently. You can easily give your hair this style if you look at photos of short sassy hairstyles. This hairstyle is fun, messy, choppy, and flirty at the same time.

9) Long Pixie Cut with Shaggy Bangs
short sassy haircuts 8

A long pixie cut with long shaggy bangs looks flirty and professional at the same time. It is easily manageable when you leave for office in the morning. And if you use a big round brush then you can get a ‘just rolled out of bed look.

10) Platinum Bold Mohawk
short sassy haircuts 9

This is modern edgy hairstyle with lots of volume created with mousse. You’ll have to be very conscious for the selection of jewelry with this haircut. Although this is a good option if you are fed up of the same old bob hairstyles.

I hope you have enjoyed these short sassy hairstyles so why don’t you share with your friends?