11 Low Maintenance Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

African American black women are blessed with jet black natural curly hair although some of them have brown hair but the natural texture of their hair is rough and they have tight curls. The ideal short curly hairstyles for black women include various forms of bob haircut, pixies, shags, and lob haircuts. Go through this list and see if you can find a charming style for you.

1) Curly Pixie Cut

This haircut looks very charming and cute and easy to maintain. You don’t need anything besides light combing before going out.

2) Wavy Pixie

Women with wavy hair can also enjoy pixie cuts, and try to keep the front waves where they gently contour your face. It looks lovely and attractive, no doubt.

3) Red Bob

Bob with layers looks adorable as worn by this pretty black model. Layered bobs are famous short hairstyles for long faces. You can beautiful side parted bangs and dye your hair in pretty red color.

4) Very Short Bob

This model wears very short hair and short bobs are among famous short curly African American haircuts. You can get the same looks by applying some curl enhancing gel before blow drying your hair.

5) Chopped Bob

This girl has chopped her bob in the manner it has thin chopped layers along temples and on the back to create an anti-frizz look. Black bob hairstyles mostly require thinness of hair through layers.

6) Shaggy Bob

This short shaggy bob haircut for black girls features heavy bangs on the crown and thin layers along the temples. The stylist has kept her hair longer on the nape of her neck because the girl has a long face and neck.

7) Edgy Short Haircut

This model wears an edgy short black hair cut for curly hair. She has faded her on one side of her head and kept long side swept fringe on the other side. Anyone with curly hair can straighten her hair towards the fringe side.

8) Natural Nancy

Natural Nancy is a very popular hairstyle for black girls and the best thing about this hairstyle is that you can go out after shampooing your hair as it doesn’t need any maintenance.

9) Kinky Bob with Braids

If you have kinky bob hair, make two to three on one or both sides of your head and then leave the rest of the hair in its natural form.

10) Curly Mohawk

Rihanna wears Mohawks like no one else does. She has kept the faded side in its natural black color and dyed the longer fringe in a lighter tone that accentuates her complexion.

11) Bowl Cut

This is one of the most adorable black girls haircuts for round faces. This model has added spikes to the tresses on her crown and left the front bangs simply on her forehead.

These naturally curly hairstyles are perfect for a night out. Dig in the entire list of short curly hairstyles for black women and get your inspiration. Black women usually prefer short haircuts for their curly hair because they need low maintenance. The short hairstyles for black girls can be funky, fun, sexy, elegant, smart, casual, classy, and gorgeous. Whatever style you choose actually depends on your personality and hair texture.