7 Quick Prom Up Dos for Medium and Thin Hair

For your prom hairstyle inspiration, we’ve collected a few Hollywood Stars looks and focused only on the stars with shoulder length hair. You can try prom up dos for medium and thin hair until you find your perfect match.

1) Headband Twist
prom updos for medium & thin hair

Wear a headband on the top of your hair, first make sure your fine hair are thoroughly combed and lay down. Grab the ends of your hair from the back and now carefully tuck them in to the headband. You can create mess (it will look good) but try to catch all the hair, don’t leave strands, otherwise the up do will fall down after some time.

2) Pretty Up Do
prom updos for medium & thin hair 1

To achieve this look, blow-dry your hair first and the direction should be straight. Side-part them. Now make a bun on the back. Secure with a bobby band, and mist with hair spray for extra hold. Let a few strands float from the sides. You are done with your pretty up do for thin hair. Once you give it a try, you’ll see this is among simple and easy updos for short hair.

3) Simple Bun
prom updos for medium & thin hair 2

Blow-dry your damp hair with the help of a paddle brush. Now give them a slight side part on the front and again brush back to make a bun. Don’t secure this bun. Pin the ends of bun inside out and now secure. Mist with spray for extra hold and also wear a headband to add some flirty touch. It is easy to know how to make prom up dos for thin hair because thin hair are easier to handle.

4) Sleek Chic Up Do
prom updos for medium & thin hair 3

After straight blow-drying your hair, make a deep side part. Now smooth down the back section and create a high ponytail on the back of your head but start it on the top of crown. Now give it a wrap and pin the ends of the ponytail in place. To help with the fly-aways use a hair spray.

5) Bohemian Braided Bun
prom updos for medium & thin hair 4

You’ll start with wavy thin hair. Sleep with braids if you have straight and thin hair. Tease your hair a bit at the crown to produce some volume. Leave a few strands on the front to create framing for your face. Now make two sections for remaining hair and taking one section, make a braid. Now do the same for the other section. Secure the ends of the braids with bobby bands. Now wrap braids together to create a bun and tuck the ends inside each other to hide bobby bands. This is one of the nicest bohemian hairstyles for thin hair.

6) Brunette Bun
prom updos for medium & thin hair 5

Blow out your hair with a paddle brush then make a high ponytail. Now leave a few strands and tie the remaining hair into ponytail. Now the tricky part comes along, you’ll twirl your ponytail around its own base. Now making a bun, secure it with pins.

7) Wispy Bangs with Up Do

prom updos for medium & thin hair 6

Apply some mousse on your hair and then blow dry. Attach a diffuser with your blow dryer to create textured waves. Now apply a smidgen gel and keep twisting your hair to create curls. Now make a center part and make a bun. You can do a French braid while making the bun or keep it simple, it is up to you. French braid bun with bangs gives a rather formal look.

The only problem with thin fine hair is that you lack on volume if you have thin hair. But with some practice, you can get hold on it. Remember to apply some strong hair care and holding products before making prom up dos for medium and thin hair.