Worst Cases of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong In Bollywood

We’ve heard stories about surgeries that went perfectly well — celebrities looking more radiant and beautiful with the enhancements. It went well for they understand how everything works. These celebrities know they qualify for the procedure. Having the best surgeons also play a role. While there are success stories, failure in plastic surgeries also do exist. And some of these are the worst cases of plastic surgery gone wrong in Bollywood.

Koena Mitra

Getting a plastic surgery is a life-changing (and sometimes painful) decision. Take model, Koena Mitra, and her story about surviving a nose job. There were side effects after the surgery, and the doctors already gave up. They said only prayers can save her.

Koena Mitra plastic surgery gone wrong

Yet she fought bravely. After staying at home for weeks, she decided it was time to go out. She doesn’t need to hide her nose. So she got out of the house with her disfigured nose. People talked about how horrible the surgery went, but she didn’t mind. Deciding to get the surgery was a decision that changed her life and career forever, yet she’s still thankful. At least she lived to tell the tale.

Rakhi Sawant

This artist had multiple surgeries. Some of them did improve her appearance, yet her recent surgery made her unrecognizable.

Rakhi Sawant plastic surgery

She doesn’t even look like a woman anymore. Her face looks unreal even makeup can’t fix it. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to her. She even talks about it in public.

Kangana Ranaut

Some people will never admit to going under the knife. Kangana, an award-winning star, is one of them. Her figure had changed yet she said it was due to her active lifestyle.

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery

However, her fuller lips are a dead giveaway. How is it possible to have thin lips yesterday and fuller lips today? Unfortunately, the new look didn’t go well with the other facial features. It’s another case of a poorly done surgery.

Juhi Chawla

She used to have a pretty smile, but she lost it after getting a nose job and a botox. Juhi tried to have corrective surgery to fix her nose, but the surgery completely ruined her beauty.

Juhi Chawla plastic surgery

Ayesha Takia

You won’t believe it but it’s true. Ayesha Takia, a promising star, no longer has her innocent and baby-face look. In fact, she looks a lot older than her age. Her drastic change is a result of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong.

Ayesha Takia plastic surgery

Ayesha is still a head turner though, but not because of her old charm. More people look at her now for her “new” appearance. Thankfully, some of her fans still communicate with her through social media. She might have other future films lined up too.

Aarthi Agarwal

Sadly, there are people who don’t survive after a plastic surgery. Aarthi Agarwal went to the US to have a liposuction, and didn’t make it back home. She had breathing problems weeks after the procedure, and died from cardiac arrest.

Aarthi Agarwal plastic surgery

Post-surgery problems may be avoided if the patient takes time to learn all the implications of the procedures. All factors must also be considered. She should only undergo a plastic surgery is she really is certain about it and she understands all the possible risks. At least she won’t be too devastated when it fails.

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