11 Medium Hairstyles for Fine Hair to Create Volume

As thin hair lack in volume and thickness so it is challenging to give a voluminous look to fine hair. This post consists of some simple ways to get medium hairstyles for fine hair so your thin hair will appear thicker and you can confidently enjoy a night out with a bold hairstyle. We’ve also included some celebrity short hairstyles pictures for inspiration.

1) Graduated Layers
medium hairstyles for fine hair

Graduated layers work really good for thin fine hair cut in medium length. These layers add an instant volume to your hairstyle.

2) Blunt Bob
medium hairstyles for fine hair 1

Get rid of your long tresses and give your hair a blunt cut. Long bob looks fabulous on fine hair and it is really easy to maintain.

3) Shoulder Length Long Fringe

medium hairstyles for fine hair 2

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

This hairstyle includes club cut layers with a front fringe on the forehead in a cute manner. The stylist has given a blunt cut to the edges for a more textured look. Medium hairstyles for round faces mostly include blunt cuts.

4) Diagonal Fringe
medium hairstyles for fine hair 3

Highlights always add more volume to fine hair. Medium hairstyles for thin, fine hair look more voluminous with highlights added to them. A diagonal side fringe is although a bit difficult to stylize but looks adorable and gives a welcoming effect to your personality.

5) Long A Line Bob
medium hairstyles for fine hair 4

To stand out of the rest, get a long bob in A-line with a blunt cut and also add some highlights to it. To give sharp edges in front, the hair stylist has cut the hair in an extreme angle.

6) Create False Thickness
medium hairstyles for fine hair 5

When you use the right hair products to create volume i.e. shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and hair spray; your hair look thicker than their actual volume. Also blow drying your hair up side down also adds tons of volume to them.

7) Bias Cut
medium hairstyles for fine hair 6

Get a bias cut while making up dos of medium length haircuts. When you wear fine hair forward on your forehead onto one side, they look thicker because your hair itself covers the hairline making it almost impossible to guess where the roots are.

8) Curl It
medium hairstyles for fine hair 7

You can curl your hair to create volume. Your hair will look healthier and heavier with big loose curls. Try to create curls that go away from your face, also start curling from middle to down towards the ends.

9) Distraction
medium hairstyles for fine hair 8

Create a distraction by wearing your hair onto one side of your shoulders or make a funky hairstyle in an asymmetrical manner. You can also create some waves to the parted side you’ll wear on your shoulder.

10) Tousled Beach Waves
medium hairstyles for fine hair 9

When you make some tousled curls in your hair they look thicker. If you actually had thick hair but now suffering from thinning of hair, then spritz your hair with a pinch of salt and scrunch to create beach waves.

11) Highlights
medium hairstyles for fine hair 10

Adding highlights and low lights to your hair in a skillful manner gives the false impression of thick hair because it becomes really hard to notice the actual thickness of your hair as is noticeable in the picture. Get your hair highlighted in more than one tones.

Everyone with thin fine hair wants her hair to look thicker, but it is important to know what products, tools, and methods suit your hair texture. Layers, bangs, and waves usually work as a base for medium hairstyles for fine hair.