List of Celebrities with Long Hair

If you are a woman, you typically understand the necessity of having long hair. It is what defines most women, and considered an integral part of beauty. Famous female artists are always on toes to keep their hair long.

From various sources, we gathered all the essential information concerning celebrity with long hair. Their hairs are not exactly natural, as most of them have done something to add up on their mane. To describe them properly, we organized the list according to the duration of time they prevailed i.e. 1960s to date.

From 1960s to 1980s

Brigitte Bardot long hair

The French beauty – Brigitte Bardot – 1967 added length to her typically teased blonde hair. It gave her a pleasantly good and attractive appearance.

Joni Mitchell long hair

Joni Mitchell also had long hair. Her straight strands are/were outstanding, and distinctive of Czech Republic’s origin.

Raquel Welch long hair

Raquel Welch’s long hair is uniquely and completely attractive. Her huge-haired bombshell trended in the new decade with its exceedingly good-looking curved ends. It has a voluminous, and a chest concealing appearance. Lucky Raquel would still look amazing, even without wearing something on top.

Cher long hair

Cher’s 1972’s look is of great concern. Her dropping black hair was at the center of the 70’s look. She diligently combined her long mane with fashionable dressing styles. Her gorgeous Bob Mackie dress crowned it all.

From 1990s to 2010

Diana Rose long hair

Diana Rose, 1993 rocked with her long, but voluminous hair. It was neatly crafted, straightened and maintain at all times. Diana would sanely allow the massive hair on her one side to flip behind, as the other cascaded right towards her breast. It was indeed a fashionable look.

Sofia Vergara long hair

In 2002, Sofia Vergara took the lead. This naturally blond artist is known for her Rapunzel-like brunettes. There is something about her hair as well; it naturally curves in a regular manner to give it a stylish look. Most of her male fans describe her hair as “killer curves.”

Kim Kardashian long hair

Kim Kardashian is also another celebrity with long hair of the current days. Although she ditched her extra-long hair, it is just a matter of time before she goes back to it. Her 2010 photos give a clear look of how long her hair used to be.

From 2011

Jennifer Lopez long hair

Jennifer Lopez’s long hair fashionably extends downwards. According to Nuff, “Lopez’s hair descends logically to the area around her waist. She is indeed a reputable celebrity.”

Lady Gaga long hair

Apart from Jennifer, Lady Gaga also stands out with her ghostly-like white blond hair. She is one the celebrities with unique appearances that conspicuously stand out of the rest.

Rihanna long hair

Lastly, we have Rihanna. Describing this artist is somehow difficult because she is fond of changing her looks. However, despite all the appealing appearance, she ever had, nothing sticks in mind more than the long, fire engine, red hairstyle. She was impressive in this look, as she typically looked both innocent and less harmful.