11 Gorgeous Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Bob hairstyles vary in both length and style and there are dozens of ways to wear a bob hairstyle. Black bobs look fabulous; this post has some examples of bob hairstyles for Black women that almost anyone with black hair can try.

1) Edgy Long Bob
bob hairstyles for black women

This edgy bob look can be achieved through a razor cut. Rihanna wears an A line bob in this picture and to get the same look, First blow dry your hair in to layers from bottom to top and then run an iron through your hair in the same manner.

2) Chin Length Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 1

You can wear a chin length bob in both smooth and curly looks. It looks equally good in sleek or wavy textures created on thick or thin hair. Start the curls along the temples and give it bog loose curls, also run fingers to loose the curls after the use of curling iron.

3) Medium Black Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 2

This simple bob haircut gives a rather sophisticated and soft look. After applying mousse to create volume, make a deep side part in your bob haircut. Then using a bog round brush blow dry your hair and for that extra zing, apply some shiny serum at the end.

4) Pure Silk
bob hairstyles for black women 3

This is a short bob with front fringe and the hair fall like silk from the crown to downwards. The stylist has created areas of interest through lines, angles, and silky texture.

5) Bob with Bangs
bob hairstyles for black women 4

This black bob is asymmetrical and the celebrity wears bangs so nicely that it adds to her feminine looks. Side bangs with bob haircut are always fun, cute, and so noticeable that you’ll receive compliments every time you wear them. This is a nice example of short hairstyles for round faces.

6) Sparkling Long Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 5

A haircut should be flattering for your hair texture and face shape. This model has highlighted her hair in the manner so as to brighten her complexion and sparkle the texture of her hair.

7) Sew In Weave Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 6

Add highlights and angles to your hair for a fake bob effect. This black bob hairstyle is for the times when you actually don’t want to cut your hair. You can wear this hairstyle temporarily because it has nice fluent angles and contours that look like a long bob.

8) Short Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 7

This short bob looks fantastic on girls with oval face shapes. You can create this curvy edge to your bob on both sides by applying a heavy dab of styling wax to your hair before ironing.

9) Creamy Asymmetrical Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 8

Do you want to wear a chic version of bob where one side meets the model’s chin, and the other side reaches her collarbone. You can flip the long side, curl it or create waves according to your mood.

10) Feathery Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 9

This slim and smart bob accentuates the looks by its feathery texture and polished tresses.

11) Inverted Bob
bob hairstyles for black women 10

An inverted bob hairstyle for black girls with graded layers on the back helps accentuate their neckline. If you have a slim neck but thick hair, choose this bob from the list of other bob hairstyles for black women. Also emphasize on the tone of your hair color to create a complimentary effect.

The black girls own a special charm and jet black curly hair worn by these girls add to their glorious looks. This list of bob haircuts includes short and long bobs with layers, feathers, and curls and it has something for every black girl that is worth trying.