Exotic Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Girls

The title says ‘black girls’; sorry we’re not being racist, but this post actually includes hairstyles that are best suited for the hair texture black girls naturally have. Box braids hairstyles look good on anyone with thick black hair so if you’re not black but blessed with naturally good hair then you too can try one of these hairstyles.

1) Brandy Box Braid
box braids hairstyles

Everyone who likes box braids has always been in love with Brandy’s box braids. She looks so sexy, gorgeous, and smart with box braids tied into a high ponytail. This box braids ponytail hairstyle is worth trying in summer season.

2) Loose Side Part
box braids hairstyles 1

You don’t always have to tie your box braids. You can wear them loose open with a deep side part. When you have shorter bangs around the forehead and along the temples then you can easily wear this hairstyle.

3) Bun with Highlights
box braids hairstyles

Getting tired of your black hair color? Why don’t you think of coloring your hair or at least giving some highlights? Blond highlights will accentuate black skin tone and after a few days blond locks will adorably compliment your natural hair color. This model has made a loose side that adds to the beauty of her highlighted hair.

4) Crazy Ties
box braids hairstyles 3

This crazy box braids hairstyle looks cute when made to kids’ hair. Take a few colorful bands and make sections of braids into a checkered, hearts, or whatever pattern. Now tie these sections separately with bands.

5) Side Swept
box braids hairstyles 4

Side swept worn with elegance compliments your jewelry in the best possible manner. So if you have just got a fine pair of ear rings, wear your box braids in a side swept to boast it off.

6) Accessorize it
box braids hairstyles 5

When you feel like you are bored of your same old box braids and you want to do something new with box braids hairstyles, and then add some smart hair jewelry pieces to your head. You can add some beads, pearls, or fun bands to your box braids.

7) Faux Hawk Pompadour
box braids hairstyles 6

This one is a real unique box braids hairstyle, you might have not seen before! This is particularly for the times when you have a craving to add some attitude to your head.

8) Half n Half
box braids hairstyles 7

This hairstyle is for the times when you can’t decide what to wear, then go for a half n half Mohawk. The term half n half for box braids applies to both loose hair and Mohawks.

9) Low Ponytail
box braids hairstyles 8

Low ponytail is the style women go for whenever they are n hurry. Low ponytails can be so chic that you never have to be confused when you go to a basketball court or a wedding.

10) Loose Braids Pinned Back
box braids hairstyles 9

Black women in search of hairstyles for long hair for wedding can wear this look. It will compliment heavy jewelry, sequins dresses, and statement necklaces. This is a fun looking cute box braids hairstyle.

11) Cover with a Hat
box braids hairstyles 10

Wearing loose box braid hair falling from the hat worn on your head looks so good and sexy. Although hat is just an accessory but when you wear it in combination with loose box braids, it looks real hot.

Add a stunning accessory to side swept box braids or wear them in a loose bun, they look equally good. Add some pop to your look with Mohawks and faux hawks, in fact with box braids you have endless options.