9 Easy Up Dos for Short Hair to Do Yourself

Although girls with short hair cannot wear their hair up and mostly the purpose of short hair is to boast the style not to tie it into a ponytail. But sometimes women with short hair like to wear up dos for formal events i.e. weddings or get-togethers. So we’ve created a list of easy up dos for short hair that are ready within minutes.

1) Loose Pinned Up Do
easy updos for short hair

You can pin up your short hair to make this loose up do. It is easily achievable on short to medium hair lengths. Loose up dos for medium hair can be easily hold with hair spray. Note it down in your list of prom updos for medium & thin hair.

2) Loose Low Knot Up Do
easy updos for short hair 1

This loose low-knot up do for short hair looks a bit casual and it is not advisable to make it on a formal event. However, if you like it so much and feel comfortable with it, then I prefer to add some waves or curls to front bangs around your forehead for a rather formal look.

3) Twisted Up Do Thin Hair
easy updos for short hair 2

First comb your hair towards back without parting in the middle or sides. Then taking side locks give them a few twists and secure each twist with a bobby pin since this is aimed at thin hair that cannot be secured with a spray alone. Then make a simple bun at the nape of your neck.

4) Catwalks Up Do
easy updos for short hair 3

This up do is mostly made on models during catwalks on the ramp. It is a simple bun made low on neck and then the stylists give a few sharp cuts to the last strands of the hair and set them with a shiny spray.

5) Inside Twist Up Do
easy updos for short hair 4

This elegant up do for short hair is quite easy to make. You’ll first comb your hair and then apply some hair soothing product for a clean smooth look. Then comb back your hair once again and secure the ends with pins or an invisible elastic band. Then twist the already secure ends inside once or twice depending on the length of your hair. Now a holding hair spray or some more pins will do the job for the whole day.

6) Low Ponytail Bun
easy updos for short hair 5

This hairstyle can only be made if you have a very short ponytail. Make a tight low ponytail and then wrap it inside out giving it the shape of a bun. Secure the ends with bobby pins.

7) Poofy Roll
easy updos for short hair 6

His up do is easily made when you have shoulder length hair. Tie them at top and wrap the half section of tied hair around the other half. The best thing about this up do is that it remains intact unless you sleep on it.

8) Messy Side Up Do
easy updos for short hair 7

Messy up dos for short hair stay longer and you can continue wearing up dos if you have plans to grow them. It takes a few minutes to make this up do. First blow dry your hair so you have plenty of volume to create mess. Use bobby bands to pull up and tie your hair. Then make a bun by twisting your hair, you can do it clockwise or anti clockwise.

9) Short Blonde Up Do
easy updos for short hair 8

This up do is not only for blonde hair, it looks equally good with any hair color. Create a simple loose bun and before making this bun, deeply side part your hair on to one side and leave a few strands on both sides.

Celebrities mostly wear easy up dos for short hair on red carpet to give a false impression of very long hair. You too can do the same on any formal occasion; try these up dos for above the shoulder locks.