The BodyCraft f320 VS f602

The BodyCraft f320 is an incline/decline bench that has the advantage of ability to fit into any rack system or Smith Machine. The bench is made to incline which then means that it slides back as well as under the bar and gives many workout positions.

On the other hand, the BodyCraft f602 is an easily adjustable dumbbell bench. It also offers you several positions to train from; these include flat, decline and incline. A feature that makes it stand out no doubt is its sturdiness. It gives much stability when you are working out because it is highly stable.

BodyCraft f320

BodyCraft f320 is designed to work at almost all angles when a Smith Machine or other rack system is being used. In addition to this, it can also be used with many other workout attachment machines. The F611 leg extension plus the F610 arm curl are just two such other attachments. The F602 also supports many different uses which is an advantage that anyone keen on buying it will take delight in. You can easily reach your dumbbells when using it as a standalone dumbbell bench, yet still have sufficient room for doing tricep extensions and a range of other exercises. You can do bench and shoulder presses when using the bench with a Smith machine.

The BodyCraft f320 boasts of a solid construction which makes it a durable bench. It has a remarkable 12-gauge steel tube construction that has been proven to give long life to workout machines. The f602 is not wanting in its quality either. This is because the bench has been constructed with utmost stability and gives you solid support when you train.

Both benches give you a wide range of exercise routines to choose from because they can be adjusted like PowerBlock Elite 90. The f602 offers 8 positions and these include the flat, near vertical, decline as well as incline. The near vertical position stalls at 85 degrees and this is designed to give you much comfort as well as support.

bodycraft f602

The f320 also offers you 8 different workout positions. These include decline, flat, incline as well as vertical. In this way, it gets easy for you to do many types of workouts targeting your biceps, shoulders, triceps and chest. Hence, both these benches encourage a trainer to do different workouts and are ideal additions to any gym.

The BodyCraft f320 has been built with your comfort in mind, The high density foam is two inches thick and makes for your seat and back pad. The foam is covered in black vinyl which adds immense sense of style to the comfort it envisages. At the same time, the BodyCraft f602 also spots a high density foam seat and back rest of 2 inches. The black vinyl that covers the foam is stylish and easy to clean. Thus, both of these workout benches are comfortable and made for easy cleaning.

Clearly, these two machines have a lot in common with each other. However, a trainer ought to carefully examine all of their features first before making a purchase. Notably, the BodyCraft f320 costs a bit more and this could be because it offers more.