13 Anti-Ageing Hairstyles for Youthful Looks

Being in your fifties or sixties never means that you should now adapt grand mother’s look. We’ll tell you a list of anti-ageing hairstyles that are worth trying and you’ll be amazed to know how beautifully these haircuts can change your looks.

1) Bangs
anti-ageing hairstyles

Bangs are good to conceal the creases in your forehead, but when you wear bangs in a wispy manner, your hair look somewhat messy.

2) Golden Curls
anti-ageing hairstyles 1

Curls usually suggest youth and when you curl your hair appropriately, you’ll look much younger than your age. Try to create some volume on top and then loose curls from middle to ends of your hair.

3) Sleek Hair
anti-ageing hairstyles 2

Here again we see Nicole Kidman wearing sleek hair with a lot of volume created on top of her head. No doubt sleek hair is on the top of anti-ageing hairstyles because it makes you look younger without the country club effect.

4) Over Lightening Hair
anti-ageing hairstyles 3

Ash blond locks when over lightened give a youthful look. You can wear highlighted short hairstyles to make you look younger.

5) Rich Brown Long Bob
anti-ageing hairstyles 4

When you dye your hair in chocolate brown color, you’ll look younger and fresh.

6) Long Black Waves
anti-ageing hairstyles 5

Rich lively dark hair with two to three tones looks fresh and vibrant and especially when you wear them in long waves. Waves and multi tones make hair look younger.

7) Side Swept Bangs
anti-ageing hairstyles 6

Pieced side-swept bang is better than a blunt bang when we talk about looking younger. A blunt bang looks harsh on an older woman.

8) Side Part
anti-ageing hairstyles 7

A center part is good for wide round faces but side part is way better for an older woman because side part can add to the serious looks of a mature woman.

9) Full Body
anti-ageing hairstyles 8

Volumized hair is one of the easily maintained anti ageing hairstyles. When you create volume to lift your hair, people focus more on your hair and less on your face.

10) Highlights
anti-ageing hairstyles 9

When highlights are created wisely, these can frame your face. Highlights attract light and help reduce the impression of wrinkles.

11) Bob is Timeless
anti-ageing hairstyles 10

A bob haircut works with the structure of your bones giving you a youthful look. An A line bob is the best haircut for younger looks. The bob that is longer at the front actually hides your jaw line and much of the fine lines along your temples. Short hairstyles for women over 60 include many of chin length, long and shaggy bob haircuts.

12) Layers
anti-ageing hairstyles 11

Layers frame your face in the best possible manner and also enhance your features. To convert layers into anti aging hairstyles, give the first layer on your jaw line to make it more prominent and less saggy.

13) Braids
anti-ageing hairstyles 12

You can pull off your young looks through braids wisely made. Braids look youthful and the fun texture of a braid actually adds liveliness to your personality.

Forget the fine lines on your forehead and get ready for a new haircut. Flattering haircuts give youthful looks and maximizing your hair volume will also boost your personality.