13 Scene Hairstyles for Girls and Guys to Save You Looking Insane

Scene hair is among the less famous hairstyle terms but it is widely popular among young girls and boys and especially those who are in their teen years. Oftentimes hair stylists at salons are not familiar with the terms so guys have to turn disappointed; for your ease we’ve compiled a list of scene hairstyles for girls and guys, so you can confidently tell your hairdresser what kind of haircut you want.

Scene Hairstyles for Girls

1) Full Pink
scene hairstyles

This hairstyle is fabulous and will make you look like out of this world. Pink is the girls’ color officially. You can try this pink scene hairstyle for girls for an innocent Barbie doll look.

2) Layered Scene
scene hairstyles 1

Scene hairstyle is not to be messy always. You can have neat bangs that touch almost your eyebrows. Then give some unique color to your hair such as green.

3) Scene Magic
scene hairstyles 2

Play with a bunch of colors to create this magic scene multi colors look. You can add blond and black coontails to the bangs at the crown of your head and leave the rest of the heads to their natural color.

4) Regular with Color Blast
scene hairstyles 3

Choose your favorite hair color pink, purple, orange or whatever looks good on you, then add color to one side of your head and leave the other side to its regular color be it blond or black.

5) Bangs in Depth
scene hairstyles 4

Give a fringe to your front hair and create asymmetrical layers to add some deep bangs that will hang down the front of your shoulders.

6) Cute Scene
scene hairstyles 5

Wear a head band or cute hair pins to the front of your head with any kind of long scene haircut.

Scene Hairstyles for Boys

1) Classic Emo
scene hairstyles 6

Boys should think at least twice before getting a scene hairstyle. Classic Emo scene hairstyle for boys is good as long as it doesn’t cover your eyes. Covering eyes is meant for girls only because it makes you look shy.

2) Tinkerbell
scene hairstyles 7

How good this hairdo is? It looks too good at least for the boy wearing it in this picture.

3) Sponge Bob Square Bangs
scene hairstyles 8

This is one of the coolest short scene hairstyles for guys. Although this guy has turned his square bangs into spikes but still he’s looking absolutely flawless.

4) Faux Hawk Extreme
scene hairstyles 9

This celebrity has balanced his faux hawk with the matching light beard and moustaches. A faux hawk can be extremely high but everything looks decent when you wear it right.

5) Messy Monster
scene hairstyles 10

This hairstyle is from pop music bands of early 90s. This guy has given a few highlights to his head and probably the beauty of this hairstyle lies in its natural curls. If you don’t have naturally curly hair then it might look somewhat different on your head.

6) Leggo Man
scene hairstyles 11

They call it the Leggo man hairstyle because it matches what the Leggo character wears on his head. This hairstyle is similar to what is known as Chinese bangs.

7) Indie Rock Mullet
scene hairstyles 12
Mullet rock hairstyles for boys look smart as long as boys wear them according to their face shapes because they elongate your face.

Scene hairstyles – the name itself suggests there is something unique and strange going to happen with the hair. There are million ways to get scene hairstyles for girls and guys i.e. applying hair extensions, piercing, dying, choppy layers, Mohawks, bangs, and many more. The most important thing to remember is that you should choose your scene haircut wisely and wear the right accessories that compliment this haircut.