9 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Your wedding hairstyle options cannot be limited based on the fact that your hair length doesn’t fall past your shoulders because there are plenty of wedding hairstyles for short hair. You can take inspiration from famous celebrities who dress up their wedding hair from bobs to pixies with the same confidence as women with long hair do.

1) Wavy Bob


Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair
You can create waves in your short bob haircut when your hair are not naturally curly or wavy. Add a beautiful hair accessory with waves for a more feminine and majestic effect. You can play up with your hair that are chin length by using any elegant pieces of hair jewelry.

2) Curly Gold
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 1
You can add a gold hair accessory to your otherwise very short and curly hair. If you think it is pretty difficult to give a style to your hair, then add some fine piece of real hair jewelry and see the magic.

3) Simple Pixie
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 2
This bride has simply styled her pixie hair cut without caring for hair jewelry or waves. A pixie says it all when a bride with gamine features wears it without feminine accessories. She pulls off all of her personality with this pixie simply set and highlighted randomly.

4) Accessorize Blonde Look
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 3
This bride has first created some texture in her hair with some hair products and then worn a fully accessorized headband giving her very natural looks.

5) Dark Naturally Braided Look
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 4
You’ll first make sections of hair and then make braids and then you need a strong holding spray all over your head. Don’t secure braids with anything. Another way is to twist your hair with curling iron in form of braids and then wear a flower accessory on the back or front of your head.

6) Classy Simple Blond
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 5
Making this hairstyle is as simple as it appears to be. First straight your hair for a polished look and then center part them. Then bring them to third section from front towards back and secure with some fancy or bridal hair accessories.

7) Poofy Bun
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 6
Part your hair leaving some strands from the front. Then apply hair spray for hold and tease each section as much as you can. When teasing of the whole head is done, now you can wrap hair from front towards the back and from back to the inside of your neck. And wrap from temples towards back of the neck also. At the end, take the front strands (un teased) and lay on the top of the crown area for a more even look.

8) Twisted Up Do
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 7
Deeply side part your hair, then twist your hair taking smaller sections and secure each section with bobby pins at the back. Now take the remaining hair from the nape of the back and twist them too but take care the twisting direction should be upwards. And at the end spray your hair for extra hold.

9) Volume in Short Strands
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 8
Are you ready for full curls? I can bet that this hairstyle will give your hair a real dramatic look. You’ll look elegant even wearing a night dress. So this is one of the best short hairstyles for wedding. This is a decent look even for hairstyles for long curly hair.

So next time, whenever you get an invite for a wedding, you should not be worried what style to give your short hair? We’ve told you enough wedding hairstyles for short hair. You can do loose and pretty hairstyles be it waves or curls, since they make you look gorgeous and you appear like a princess. Another option is to look sophisticated yet modern with sleek and polished hairstyles. The choice depends on your mood, bridal outfit, and of course your stylist’s opinion.

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Whoopi Goldberg’s Stance on the Existence of Present-day Racial Profiling

Apparently, there are some people that think that racial profiling and discrimination died with the end of slavery. They do not think that racism has taken on a whole new angle and even insinuate that some incidents are just typical of “the good old Americans doing their thing”!

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

Certainly, this is a topic that can draw a lot of debate; with many people for or against it. And you would be shocked by some of the names against it. Whoopi Goldberg’s stance on this will totally shock you.

On a past edition of “The View”, Whoopi was on the side of those who think racial profiling is all a thing of the past. Apparently, the panel had brought up a discussion that focused on the profiling that the first family still endured at times; this aside from the fact that President Obama made history as the first African American to ever be voted into the White House.

Apparently, President Obama had been mistaken for a valet and in another instance, he had been taken for a waiter. However, to many people such as Whoopi, this is just “good old American behaviour”. Michele, the First Lady has not been spared of this profiling either. Apparently, at one point, she was asked to assist a customer at Target. The fact that this profiling touched on the first family begs the simple question of just how many other ordinary Americans have to go through such instances in their day to day lives.

Speaking about the Obama experience, Whoopi claimed that the incident merely smoked of ignorance and actually had nothing to do with racism. She even went ahead to argue that the fact that an African American is being followed around at a store does not compound racial profiling.

A guest at the show, Laverne Cox, was a lot more sensible than the celebrated Whoopi. She claimed that while ignorance could not be ruled out as being a factor in the whole racism question, she pointed out that biases still held true in the American society.

According to Whoopi, real racism is much more brutal than the experiences that the President and his wife have suffered. Whoopi thinks that someone running up to you and screaming a racial slur is racism, but does not think being followed around a mall is anything near! And she tries to make everyone believe this by claiming that she should know the racism trends in the country as a person who has lived as an African American for 60 years.

Quite an unlikely stance by Whoopi who has certainly encountered racism in the course of her 60 years!

While America has certainly made great strides when it comes to racial tolerance, the truth is that profiling still exists and affects many people each day. For African Americans to believe that racism does not exist because lynching has been illegal for a long time is to be delusional.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth

Whoopi Goldberg owes her net worth to a lot of things – from comedy, acting and writing to talk show hosting, political activism and singing/song writing. She was christened Caryn Elaine Johnson and was born in November of 1955 in New York.

Whoopi Goldberg net worth

Whoopi Goldberg’s annual salary is estimated to be in the range of $5 million each year. Her net worth is an impressive $45 million. She made her debut on-screen appearance in Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away in 1981. She would go on to make other appearances. However, the next big thing was when she Played Celie in The Colour Purple. This is credited as the role that catapulted her massively into the limelight.

She has played several other roles ever since; even winning an Oscar as a result! This was in 1990 when she played the part of psychic in the film Ghost. She would bag an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. With this, she made history as being just the second black woman to win an Academy award courtesy of acting.

The next noteworthy thing she did after this win was to co-produce Hollywood Squares between 1998 and 2004. Consequently, she also worked on The View.

As indication that her works and talent in the industry has been recognized on different occasions, Whoopi Gldberg is on record for having received a total of 13 Emmy Award nominations.

Whoopi Goldberg winning Oscars

Whoopi Goldberg winning Oscars

Another record that she has set is that of being amongst the few celebrities who have an Emmy, Oscar, Tony and Grammy Awards; EGOT.

At one point during the 1990′s, she was rumoured to be amongst the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Of course, based on the roles that she has played and her political activism, Whoopi has stirred controversy on many occasions. At one point in 2014, she made a controversial statement that in effect downplayed the fact that Barrack and Michelle Obama still get racially picked on. To her, “racial” incidents are not usually in bad faith but merely the result of good old American goofing.

Whoopi Goldberg with daughter Alexandrea Martin

Whoopi Goldberg with daughter Alexandrea Martin

Her private life has received its fair share of controversy as well. For starters, Goldberg has been married a total of three times and has one daughter named Alexandrea Martin. Martin is an actress just like her mother. She has also been rumoured during different moments of her life to be in love affairs with Ted Danson as well as Frank Langella. In addition, she is on record as having admitted to have been a drug addict once and is also a known sufferer of dyslexia.

In spite of all these controversies, Whoopi has held her head up high and continued to pursue the things that make her life worth living; these are besides her daughter, of course.

To be a black woman who grew up during her times and have a significant net worth like she does is no mean feat. This goes on to show that regardless of the colour of her skin and the conditions she finds herself in, a woman can be just about anything she sets her mind to be.

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Whoopi Goldberg

The BodyCraft f320 VS f602

The BodyCraft f320 is an incline/decline bench that has the advantage of ability to fit into any rack system or Smith Machine. The bench is made to incline which then means that it slides back as well as under the bar and gives many workout positions.

On the other hand, the BodyCraft f602 is an easily adjustable dumbbell bench. It also offers you several positions to train from; these include flat, decline and incline. A feature that makes it stand out no doubt is its sturdiness. It gives much stability when you are working out because it is highly stable.

BodyCraft f320

BodyCraft f320 is designed to work at almost all angles when a Smith Machine or other rack system is being used. In addition to this, it can also be used with many other workout attachment machines. The F611 leg extension plus the F610 arm curl are just two such other attachments. The F602 also supports many different uses which is an advantage that anyone keen on buying it will take delight in. You can easily reach your dumbbells when using it as a standalone dumbbell bench, yet still have sufficient room for doing tricep extensions and a range of other exercises. You can do bench and shoulder presses when using the bench with a Smith machine.

The BodyCraft f320 boasts of a solid construction which makes it a durable bench. It has a remarkable 12-gauge steel tube construction that has been proven to give long life to workout machines. The f602 is not wanting in its quality either. This is because the bench has been constructed with utmost stability and gives you solid support when you train.

Both benches give you a wide range of exercise routines to choose from because they can be adjusted like PowerBlock Elite 90. The f602 offers 8 positions and these include the flat, near vertical, decline as well as incline. The near vertical position stalls at 85 degrees and this is designed to give you much comfort as well as support.

bodycraft f602

The f320 also offers you 8 different workout positions. These include decline, flat, incline as well as vertical. In this way, it gets easy for you to do many types of workouts targeting your biceps, shoulders, triceps and chest. Hence, both these benches encourage a trainer to do different workouts and are ideal additions to any gym.

The BodyCraft f320 has been built with your comfort in mind, The high density foam is two inches thick and makes for your seat and back pad. The foam is covered in black vinyl which adds immense sense of style to the comfort it envisages. At the same time, the BodyCraft f602 also spots a high density foam seat and back rest of 2 inches. The black vinyl that covers the foam is stylish and easy to clean. Thus, both of these workout benches are comfortable and made for easy cleaning.

Clearly, these two machines have a lot in common with each other. However, a trainer ought to carefully examine all of their features first before making a purchase. Notably, the BodyCraft f320 costs a bit more and this could be because it offers more.

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How to Get a Beautiful Chin

The face greatly affects the looks of a person. Those who have good facial appearances are most commonly considered good looking. For the face to look good, the facial features must look good. Some of the most outstanding features of the face are the nose, eyes, ears and the chin.

There are instances in which individuals have double chins. The double chin often makes the individual look older and fatter than they actually are. This feature often comes as bother to many. They try as much as possible to find ways of getting rid of it. The chin is one of the places that are challenging to lose weight on. Besides the surgical reduction of the double chin, there are also other ways of getting rid of the double chin.

Beautiful Chin

To get rid of the double chin, you need to exercise your chin tones, the muscles of the lower face, the neck and the jaw line. Most celebrities who feel the pressure of getting rid of the double chin always go for plastic surgeries to do it. The feature is most commonly associated to extra weight.

Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson have undergone weight loss surgeries to lose weight overnight. They prefer surgeries over exercises due to the fact that surgeries give result almost immediately while exercises take time before actually giving the required results. Exercises are however the safest ways of shedding off the extra weight.

In order to lose the extra chin, make the head lean backwards while keeping the lips together. In the position, you should open your mouth slowly and as wide as you can possibly do. While doing this, you will be able to feel some tension on the lower side of the jaw line and also under the mouth on the area of the chin. The opening and closing of the mouth should be continued about ten times in a row.

You thereafter need to open your mouth and eyes as wide as you can at the same time. The tongue should afterwards be stuck out as far as it can go. You will be able to feel almost all the facial and neck muscles straining during the procedure. You should hold your position, count to three and then relax. This should be repeated about five times in a row.

In order to burn the body fats that cause double chin, you should chew gum. Besides aiding in the burning of fats, it also helps keep the skin of the face firm. This comes about as a result of the exercise that is given to the jaws and the facial muscles. These processes to some people are tedious and time consuming. They therefore go for plastic surgeries and try to hide it from people.

Hiding from the public the fact that you have undergone plastic surgery is hard. Holy Madison’s plastic surgery is an example of the successful surgeries that could not be hidden from the public. Surgeries are also effective in helping one get the cute and sexy chin they wish to have.

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Exercise Routines and Sustainable Weight Loss

One of the prime strategies of losing weight is to engage in regular exercise activities. When you are able to engage your body actively, fats are broken down to provide energy to power the body. In this way, you will find that you shed off a lot of weight. Of course, the amount of weight lost depends upon the intensity of physical exercises that you engage in. While all overweight people definitely have the desire to partake in strenuous exercises so that they are able to lose much of the fats they have within a very short time, this may not always be possible.

Cardio Exercise

There are a number of factors that will have to be considered in the event that you are crafting an exercise regimen. These will determine the success of the process as well as the safety of the individual seeking to lose body fat. Hence, you need to be careful not to be drawn into any exercise regimen without fully knowing the repercussions that can arise.

First, you need to know the status of your health. Usually, the intensity of the exercise you engage in ought to be determined by the ability of your heart to support it. Your doctor should analyse the condition of your health and advise you on the best exercise regimens to adopt. Of course, gradually, your body will get adjusted to the new levels of activity and you can then graduate into more strenuous activities.

At the same time, different kinds of exercises will yield varying results. There are aerobic and anaerobic exercises and you need to know the kind that will give you the results you are seeking. If need be, you can seek the expertise of a personal trainer because then, you will be able to train at your own pace.

Exercise should be plotted into your daily schedule so that you do not have to miss some days of exercise. Going for some days without exercise may mean that your weight loss venture may be given a blow. At the same time, it is important to vary your exercise routines because soon, your body may get used to the procedures and this may stall weight loss. Therefore, if you usually jog in the morning, sometimes it is good to try rope skipping.

Even as you put lots of effort into shedding more weight, it is important to bear in mind the role of water in your life. For you to achieve safe and healthy weight loss, you need to take at least 8 glasses of water each day. Of course, sometimes, you will need more than this as is necessitated by your body. Your body should be hydrated before and after exercise routines.

Your weight loss venture could also be done a great boost by observing a healthy diet. You need to eat the right amount of calories and the nutritive content of your foods has to be balanced. Proteins, fibre foods, fats, good carbs as well as water all have to be available to the body.

Regulating the quantities of the foods you eat is vital for sustainable weight loss. In this regard, you may find it proper to use weight loss supplements as they help you stick to the right amount of calorie consumption. Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz has been tested by many experts and certified as being safe. Be sure that the supplement you opt to use is safe and will not bring side effects to make you feel sick or tired all the time. Using more than one means of weight loss will help you achieve faster results.

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